Monday, September 8, 2008

Soozin's Version of the Story using Emotions for the Arch

Told from the point of view that the audience is the Argonauts/ Crew and everthing in the main part of the show is an island or encounter that happens occurs to them...

PreShow/ Prologue

Histories--- retelling of the story from the point of view of scraficial Sheep? Some type of Shadow show and storytelling.. I liked janke's idea of it being lit by fire... old school retelling of this epic tale an abbreviated version of the trial and tribulations and a way to foreshadow what is to come....

Travel-- Where have we gone? What have we seen?
Illuminated Maps line the path way showing islands that the argo? has traveled to travel?/ maybe there are small/short puppet shows of what life or people of the islands are like? Singing sirens/ birds w/ ladies heads/ cyclopses/ giants smashing small toy men/ dragons/ etc....

At the end of tunnel people are tested for their wit? Strength? Agility? to see if they would make worthy crew members head toseating area which is some ways resembles a Giant Greek boat complete with mast/and figure head which could be HERA???

Main Show: Chapter 1

SET SAIL ANTICIPATION OF THINGS TO COME dance of the oars men/ setting of the sails/ lowering of all the rigging making the ship sea worthy learning a SEA/Rowing Song/ Paddling Rowing/ teaching the actions maybe there is a argonaut/ child? Adult? that sits on the outside of the hey bales and teaches the line of audience members how to row... and helps them with this???

As the boat oars begin there is some sort of sheet fabric that moves very water like and under it emerges the Chorus/isadora duncan dancing ladies-- resembling and moving like water. " my idea of dancing is to leave my body free to the sunshine, to feel my sandaled feet on the earth....of all thousands of figures of greek sculpture, basreliefs and vases, there is not one but is in exquisite bodily proportion and harmony of movement. This sould not be possible unless the artist of that were accustomed to see always about them the beautiful moviing human forms. I came to greece to study the ancient art, but above all to to live in the land which produced these wonders, and when I say "to live" I mean to dance." isadoraduncan statement on arrival in greece, 1903)... sing us the story of how we came to be traveling upon this very sea

Chapter Two Who is watching US? FEAR/ UNCERTAINTY

This seen is show as a small distance sceen with characters as the Gods seen from the distance... very far away yet, shown through viedo... live feed?? on a big screen maybe the biggest said on the BOat?? We are privilage to over hearing the stories or plots of the Gods???? as they talk about our the boat and crews possible out comes...

Chapter Three STARVATION/
what are we longing hungry for and why can't we fill this hunger? HARPIE Sceen in which the shadow and screams of our own terrors come to life... HARPIE drop from the trees unto the audience, come in as a group from different sides come for the argonauts Screaming/ Smelling/ Crazy movement... how do we quell them and put them to rest to ease???

Chorus/Water dance/ Song

Chapter Four Killing to Quell the HUNGER within?

Battle ? Fight for the fleece/ Hydra - that what rises up must fall


Chapter Five Sowing the Seeds?

Fire Breathing bulls sow seeds/ but what they sow is not what they intended to reap? Rising of the those that have fallen in battle before.... skeleton Soldiers rising out of the leaves !!! in face off for battle.... are they comming for us??? is their an argonaut inthe boat that throws in a stone that makes them all chase and b attle eachother and then is there the glowing body parts that surface around our boat... the remains of teh day.. of the fighting.... do they come together to from a giant??? a glowing skeleton that we must pay our atonement to??????

Chapter six
The Ram and the Dragon...Who is sacrafised by whom???

how did this tale come to be true? Can we ever return HOME AGAIN???

Calling of the names whom do we remember?

* also there are some vauge thoughts about using childern's songs such as

Ships across the Ocean, Ships across the Sea, Captain, Captain you can't catch me??? not sure where this goes exactally??

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