Sunday, September 20, 2009

Friday, September 18, 2009

Notes from Kickoff Meeting

Hey everybody!

Here are the notes from the Kickoff meeting @ Bedlam, 9/16....


The storyboarders have been working hard, and there are some great ideas, but we haven't set a firm storyline yet, which means that any and all ideas are welcome.

As of right now, the following ideas and themes are being thrown around:


Werewolves are a prominent theme, with ideas about tying in Egyptian mythology, European folk stories, and contemporary themes. Some specific ideas:

* In the book "On Men and Wolves", the idea of the "conversation of death" that happens between prey and predator during hunting and killing is of special interest..... what is our conversation with death now, in this culture? Do we have one?

* We are also interested in exploring Egyptian mythology. Special interest in Inibus, a dog god who weighed the hearts of the dead before they entered the afterlife. Also interested in mummies, and the entire idea of wrapping and emerging reborn.

* Maybe mummies VS warewolves in a "creature feature" way?

Visual Images/Iconography:

* Moth imagery... stilters in trees, maybe using aerial techniques to make them "fly". Projecting images or words on their huge wings.
* Fiery fulcrum scale used by Inibis to weight hearts.
* Army of little Red Riding Hoods with glowing lantern heads that could be hidden under the hood.
* Army of mummies in blk face so that they could unwrap and be invisible.
*Huge cosmic wolf made of woods that could swallow the whole audience.

Other stuff....

* Want to learn to stilt? Amy is available @ rehearsals on Sunday at the park 1-5 and is really excited to work on this stuff.

* Come to a build! Tuesday/Thursday 7-9PM and Saturday 1-4, all at Bedlam. Everybody welcome!

* Don't forget to show ur support to the Bedlam by buying food/drink and always being respectful of space!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Another RRH and wolf image. I like the feeling of the woods in this one.
the eyes of the wolf!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Here is a link to "The Company of Wolves", a re-telling of Red Riding Hood by Angela Carter

The story is part of her book The bloody Chamber, which also has 2 other werewolf/wolf girl stories:

Emma Xx