Monday, September 29, 2008

Production Meeting 9/27

Meeting Notes:

We briefly went over each section, and talked about how many volunteers are needed for each section, so that when rehearsals begin we can start plugging people in.

Here's the breakdown:

Preshow: 8-10. (5 characters, 2-4 shadow screen, 1 tech.)
Trail: 10-25 ( 2-10 dogs, 0-1 for Hecetate, 5-10 for islands, and 3 shadow screen)
Boat: 11-19 (2 sails, 1 mast, 8-16 oar training.)
Rocks/Serpent: 18-29 (12-15 serpent, 6-14 rocks.)
Dragon/Ram: 10 (5 dragon, 5 ram)
Harpies: 7-15
Bulls: (uncertain)
Body Parts: 10-15
Water: 8-16
Heart: 4-8
Ushers: 6-12

So obviously this is a lot of people.... so send your feelers out into the community to find passionate volunteers!

Other production notes:

~There is some concern about good lighting/sound for the preshow. We should keep this in mind, but it will probably be fixed by the following ideas:
* Doing the preshow twice, in order to allow more people to see it clearly.
* Having at least a couple islands in the area before the preshow, so that the audience is entertained while they wait.
* Having the testing done before people are allowed to sit down, thus keeping the first group of preshower-ers from getting all the best seats.

Rides: It was decided that I will be at the Bedlam before every rehearsal at 11, in order to catch anybody who needs a ride to hidden falls. The number to call for rides is: 651-353-3774.

Thanks everybody!

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