Monday, September 8, 2008

amy's visions

just two scenes came to me.
1. opens in a dark forest, a giant statue of hecatate half hidden by wild vines and serpents and other primal things. she has two black wolfhound dogs, alive, restrained on a leash, fire at her feet and in her hands. Medea appears, called to her in a trance, deep intuition on her part that hecatate has something she needs but she does not know what it is yet. She falls at the feet of the statue and hecatate gives her gifts of magic potions and items imbued with powerful sorcery. She has chosen medea to act out a role in the life of the world as it is, and Medea is totally entranced and certain of her calling. Jason appears in his searching for adventure and power, the fleece. He is following his own selfish will and desire, trying to fill an emptyness he feels and fears in himself, and he has convinced the most powerful warriors from all the lands to join him. hecatate has a plan for him, and has Medea fall in love with him, to help him and capture his heart for herself.
A giant dark shadow ghost ship slowly appears from the depths of the forest and jason is excited to fight it. a monster is provoked and a battle ensues that slowly escalates and the warriors find themselves way over their heads because their collective egos won't let them quit and accept that there is a force more powerful than themselves. Their end is near and they become overwhelmed with fear. . harpies appear, circling in the eves, screaming and seeming to come closer and closer but never totally reveal themselves. In desperation the warriors start grabbing at things to sacrifice to appease. Sacrifices do no good but they keep on doing it in desperation, anything to protect themselves and avoid the end of their own lives, which in my own opinion they asked for. Finally Medea is able to use her powerful magic to fix the situation for a time. But Jason does not thank her, does not learn a lesson, and heads of to the next adventure in his quest for the fleece.
more adventures happen. More monsters, more sorcery.
2. At the end, Jason will leave Medea, although he has taken her help and "love", which anyway he never asked for, but she willingly gave because of her feelings for him, her need to win his love in return and to posess him. He falls for another woman and desires to marry her, and this wedding is planned. But of course Medea becomes overwhelmed with jelousy , and uses her magic to curse the wedding gown so that the wearer will go up in flames as soon a she puts it on. It happens. End.

Audience members are given various maps(one for each group so they can stay with their friends) Islands have been made in miniature, scattered about the site. Each has its unique history and gods. This serves to introduce people to the concept that they have been invited to an adventure that they will be a part of in the main show. I thought it may be interesting to incorporate small hand puppets and marionettes into the islands' landscapes, maybe they could tell the story of the island, exaggerating its accomplishments and the power of its gods.

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