Monday, October 27, 2008

Thursday Oct 30th BareBones set up schedule

6.Recap Thursday Schedule

9am Soozin and Mark will pick up trucks from Ready Rents
10am Everyone who can will meet at Bedlam to go and load puppets at Bedlam and Rah and begin hauling to the park. * Make sure the Burn barrels make it on to the trucks.

12am Folks should come to haul haybales and rake.

1:30 -3:30 Rig Puppets and set up

3:00 Food Waffle

3:30 Call all performers

Try to have all lights and sound set up before the 4pm walk through.

4:00 Walk Through ---

6:00 Group Circle Up

7:00 Start PreShow

9:00 Reception

9:30 Load Puppets leave Puppets and Trucks on site in either the Trucks or under the pavillion.

* Rachel will get locks for both trucks and will have copies of the keys.

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