Wednesday, October 1, 2008

2008 Story Board Final Version

After many hours of brainstorming, visualizing, storytelling, and recapping various versions of the Myth of Jason and Argonauts (drum roll please.....) then final version is in.....

Pre Show
- Deep History explaining the orgins of the Golden Fleece and the Hydra Teeth, told by the gods... in a political commentary.....( shadow show)

- On the trail we find illuminimated maps, realestate agents selling islands, small shows of various islands and testers who are trying to see if you are fit to become an argonaut... for example can you throw a rock and hit a cyclops in the eye, sing a tune in a round, row a boat, answer a puzzle question etc.... the goddess Hecate godess of cross-roads, mentor of Medea with her pack of dogs.

Performance Space - on the hill nearest the pavillion is a set up resembling the pantheon - this is the musician pit, in the center of the space where our show has been played for the last few years is the audience seating in the shape of a boat... ( as audience enters the playing space, dogs on bikes are riding around, as the audience finds there seat in the boat.

Scene One Building of the Boat and Setting Sail

Chorus.... The Song of Setting Sail....

Scene Two Clashing Rocks and Sea Serpents

Chorus.... Song of Myths, Mystery, Epic Tales of Murder, Betrayal, and Denial

Scene Three Golden Fleece and Dragon
Golden Fleece tries to get Ram to go to sleep.

On the sides of the playing space their is also movement of the Harpies like shadows moving slowly in packs...

As the Dragon and Ram scene ends the tree where the scene is taking place slowly turns revealing Jason and Medea.... in the middle of the path of two fire breathing bulls which are headed toward them....

Scene Four
Fire Breathing Bulls -- Harnessing of Bulls -- Sowing of Seeds -- Plowing of Fields -- Growing of Warriors/Soldiers -- WARRIOR FIRE BATTLE -- all die

Chorus -- Song of Atrocities -- why these fields have yielded such pain and anguish.
the deeds of Jason and Medea... burning wedding dress,
stealing golden fleece and
murder of brother ... severed body part lanterns.

Scene Five WAKE

Jason and Medea try to flee the body parts to no avail, body parts come together to resemble arms and legs.... and other partially assembled people... (something happens to Jason and Medea? )

Chorus -- Song of You can not go home again.

Scene Six Heart/Sacraficial Ram(dialogue)

Closing Song


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