Monday, August 25, 2008


Mark's excited about. . .

Building a giant vulture roc, otherwise know as a ziz,an end of days bird that blocks out the sun with its wings

Last night there was a thought about somehow combining imagery of the hydra with imagery of a mexican god of fertility ad death aka Coatlicue ,

Ape image from a Kilmt painting (Beethoven Freize1902 Hostile forces detail) the Giant Typhoeus, " a hideous ape with serpent's tail and wings, terrifying atangonist of the gods"

The story of Chrysomallos a winged lamb that eventually acends into the night sky to become Ares but who leaves behind his fleece as a protection of those left behind aka the golden fleece.

Hecate like Diana traveling wooded groves withlarge black hounds and a band of ghosts.

Fire breathing Bulls yoked to plow and sow dragon teeth that turn into skeleton Army (aspects of the Jason story that are brilliant from a night pageant perspective .aaaaaaaaah what if the dragons teeth are seeds) one of his combo tests

Parada de Candi a bejeweled parade of Elephants (I would propose be candied elephants that actually throw candy perhaps 5 of them as an entrance begining or pre show)

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