Wednesday, August 27, 2008

sorry I missed storyboard meeting

I hate it because I am stressed out about moving again and my brain just makes me forget things at times like this. Someone write about what happened!
I am totally inspired by images and the black dogs sound like very promising potential. Everyone knows I'm kinda into this harpie Idea and it would be a good year to do it, although I am not too keen about the role they play in the jason story. I like more the idea that they are children stealers. what could be more frightening? Maybe it speaks to my own fears as a former child( my mother was afraid of poeple kidnapping us) and of course as a parent the worst thing is to lose your child, to lose the control, the power to keep them safe. It is a most dreadful feeling.
What I see doing with the harpies my version, Is to have them on black stilts, with a simple black costume that suggests evil bird. I like the idea of the faces and bare chest being painted blue, with a beak and bird eyes either painted or a super simple and unencumbering mask. Because I want them to really move! Fast! To catch those children!! And there be ten of them. that would be spectacular.
If I made this happen I would need support for sure. Someone to choreograph. Other things. Believe in me. I see myself mostly getting the ball rolling by finding stilters willing to do this and practice. I would teach them to stilt proficiently before rehearsals start, and find a choreorapher and set up the rehearsal times and have them ready for fitting into the story. At that point I would let go and focus on costumes, and be available to do makeup for the shows.
They would go to the sunday rehearsals and work with the people who are in their scenes, but I would step back and let responsability rest on directors.
It would help me tremendously to know how much support I have, so I can start contemplating what to do. If not the harpies, then something else. I think there are so many exciting potential creatures to build, that I wouldn't mind not doing the harpies, really! I just thought I should let everyone know sort of the bigger vision so they can see if that would be cool or not. so let me know.

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